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Just A Few Years Behind …. August 27, 2008

Posted by Warren in Uncategorized.

Pop Christianity (as opposed to Christianity — pop Christianity adds all the Jesus junk that Christian bookstores seem to love so dearly).
As I was saying … pop Christianity always seems to be several years behind pop culture. We got ska late, we got rap late (and most of it wasn’t good), we got metal late (though some of it was quite good).
And now, we’re getting Guitar Hero late.
Digital Praise, the folks who brought you Dance Praise and Dance Praise 2: the Remix are at it again, bringing us Guitar Praise. It’s Guitar Hero with Christian rock music. Three years late.
If we have to compete with pop culture (and I’m not sold on that idea yet), we should compete with pop culture. Three months, tops — not three years. Three years in, we look like dweebs. We’re copycats, and not even good ones.

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