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Study of Mark — Introduction April 30, 2009

Posted by Warren in The Gospel of Mark.

A little over five years ago, on a blog that has now been overrun by spam and garbage, I started an ambitious series called “The Study of Mark.” My goal was to provide a daily study from Mark’s gospel. It soon turned into a weekly study. Then it turned into a “periodic” study. Finally, on the first of May 2006, the final post was made. Unfortunately, that post covered Mark 9:1-13, and is as far as I’ve gotten on the study.

I’m hoping that opening up this new edition of the View From the Pew blog will change that. So I’m going to start posting each of the old Mark studies here.

The best way to introduce Mark is to take a look at an outline. This shows the dating, the authorship, etc. I’ve found bible.org to be a great reference source, btw, so it would make a great bookmark.

I’m doing this study following closely the Ancient Christian Commentary on the Scriptures. I especially like the way the text is broken into pericopes, so most of the study will follow the text breaks found in that commentary. The first section is Mark 1:1-5, so that will be in the next entry.



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