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Fox News Gets It (Mostly) Wrong July 4, 2009

Posted by Warren in Uncategorized.

Not too long ago, Liberty University “banned” it’s College Democrats club. Except that the club wasn’t really banned — it had it’s official status revoked after some problems with the club endorsing pro-choice candidates. After some discussion, the school made what I think is the only consistent decision it could make.

It put the campus Democrat and Republican clubs on the same footing. Neither organization is an “official” club, but both can use the Liberty University name and can use the school’s master schedule to schedule events. The only thing they don’t get is school funding.

The mainstream media reported the Democrats story wrong, going so far as to misquote a Liberty official as saying that Christians cannot be Democrats (something that the official actually said was untrue). No surprise there; the MSM seems to have a huge blond spot when it comes to Liberty.

But in Fox’s reporting of the story, it sounds like both groups have been banned.

The big problem seems to be that the commentors on the post can’t be bothered to actually read the article. And the way the piece is worded, someone who hasn’t been following the controversy could certainly think that Liberty banned both clubs (unless they read the article, as I mentioned).

The College Republicans and the College Democrats are alive and well on campus at Jerry Falwell University Liberty University. In a move that most state-run schools would do well to emulate, Liberty has given equal status and equal treatment to both groups.



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