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Advent 14 December 13, 2009

Posted by Warren in Advent.

I haven’t been writing something for each day of Advent. I’d planned on it, but I’ve slacked a little bit, and some of what I would have written seemed like it would have been repetitive.

Today, though, I really loved the very first line.

Advent is about watching for what God will reveal at Christ’s coming, and how we might know more of God as a result.

Two steps are involved.

1. We watch for what God is going to reveal. Notice we don’t watch to see if God will reveal something. We watch expecting for God to reveal something to us at Christ’s coming. We also watch knowing that Christ is coming. Our expectation isn’t just a hope, or a dream; our expectation is grounded in the Bible, and God’s promises to us. God promised His people a redeemer, and they waited for that redeemer. We read about Simeon in Luke 2 — that is what waiting is all about. Simeon waited knowing that he would see the Messiah, and would know it when he saw Him. That’s how we wait — we wait knowing that Christ promised that He would come again, and bring us to Him, that where He is, there we also will be. If He goes, He’ll come back, just like He left — that’s what the angels promised the apostles in Acts. We wait knowing that we don’t wait in vain, and we wait eagerly anticipating what God will reveal to us.

2. We wait for what God will reveal because of what it will tell us about God. All secular protestations to the contrary, Christmas is primarily a religious holiday; it’s the observance of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Whether it actually was on December 25 or not is of marginal relevance — the purpose is to remember that Christ was born, an He was born to die for us.

We wait with a purpose. We don’t just wait for the revelations that will take place around the tree on December 25 (“Oh, so THAT’S what was in that oddly-shaped package”). We wait for the revelation that God will give us as we anticipate the second coming of His son, just as so many did in anticipation of the first coming.



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